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Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show

Spun off from the ever popular Jack Benny Program, The Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show featured band leader Phil Harris and a fictionalized version of his real life marriage to movie star, Alice Faye. Phil, a born and proud Southern gentleman was a constant source of dismay for his wife, as he and his best friend Frank Remley indulged in one crazy scheme after another. Whether it was something as ordinary as wall papering the house, or something as wild as flying to the moon, Phil and Frank would always somehow manage to involve the local grocery boy, Julius Abruzio, as a pawn often with disastrous, yet hysterical consequences.

Alice Faye, in real life gave up movie stardom for motherhood and had agreed to do the show as a showcase for her husband and their talents. Each show includes a musical number from each star seamlessly fit into the script. While Ms.Faye’s songs tended to be ballads, her husband’s ranged from gospel to humorous.

Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show is a true radio sitcom in every sense of the word. The series was a front runner for classic television shows, such as I Love Lucy and The Beverly Hillbillies.

There are 125 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Fitch Bandwagon - Featuring Phil Harris December 7, 1941
A Present for Phil December 15, 1946
Emery's Musicalle December 8, 1946
Fitch Bandwagon - With Phil Harris November 3, 1946
A Tutor for the Girls October 20, 1946
A Movie for Alice November 10, 1946
Phil's Self-Improvement December 1, 1946
Audition Show July 10, 1946
Cassanova Rides Again December 29, 1946
Phil Sees Doctor November 23, 1947
Phil's Sponsor Gets Locked In Phils Closet October 26, 1947
A Dog for the Kids December 7, 1947
Annual Christmas Show December 21, 1947
Will Benny Renew Contract? March 9, 1947
Phil's Band At High School November 2, 1947
Presents for Fitch Stockholders December 14, 1947
A Day With Phil Harris October 26, 1947
Phil Acquires Stock In His Sponsor October 12, 1947
Analytical Psychoanalysis January 5, 1947
Phil Decides He Needs A Hobby November 30, 1947
Selling the House October 19, 1947
Phylli's Boyfriend October 17, 1948
Homework October 31, 1948
First Rexall Sponsored Show October 3, 1948
The Contract October 10, 1948

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